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Welcome to Ravenhurst Manor

Voted a Top 5 Haunt in Iowa for 2019 by thescarefactor.com!

We are Iowa's premier haunted attraction. Ravenhurst Manor is located at 3767 Lafayette Road in Evansdale, Iowa, right behind Harris Haven Funeral Home. That's two haunted attractions at the same location! Check back often for updated shows, dates, and times. Ravenhurst Manor, we are the most Horrifying Indoor Haunted Attraction in Eastern Iowa!

KCRR will be live on Saturday nights from 8-10pm with JP and prizes will be randomly awarded!

The Tale of Lawrence Krane

Lawrence's specialty was building devices to “encourage” people to tell what they knew to their captors during warfare. His approach to these high tech machines in the late 1800s led Master Krane and his wife, Claudia, to journey to America from their homeland, Germany. They found a piece of land in the quiet town of Evansdale Iowa, and Master Krane built his flourishing family a house. Everything was great. A new home, a lucrative job, and a baby girl on the way.

Master Krane’s position with Section 13 was highly confidential. He was tasked with constructing devices not only to draw out the truth from captives but also, and more secretly, to communicate telepathically with what he thought were simply other people, far distances away. He continued his employment happily through the birth of their daughter Isabelle. A lovely rambunctious child. Very curious about her father’s work, as well as the grounds of the Krane’s estate. She began calling the estate Ravenhurst Manor one day when she was 13. Master Krane and Claudia thought nothing of it and adopted the name their daughter gave their grounds. Even naming the cemetery on the property Ravenhurst Cemetery. Isabelle would watch her father build his machines. She would offer help as well, which started to make Master Krane think possibly Isabelle was gifted some way. He would hear her having conversations with seemingly nobody. She would wander Ravenhurst Cemetery and liked to spend time by the well.

October. 1913. Master Krane hears Isabelle outside faintly. He walks to the large, gothic windows of the second story. Out in the cemetery, he sees Isabelle talking by the well. No one is there with her. Then, he hears her scream. He turns back, and she is gone! He runs to the cemetery and searches everywhere. She is never found. His wife, Claudia, falls into depression, rage, and dementia in the years to follow. She claims the spirit world has taken Isabelle. Master Krane, begins hearing strange sounds and seeing things he cannot explain. He writes them off at the beginning. Two years after Isabelle disappeared, Master Krane is working in his lab in the basement when he hears Claudia shriek. He runs upstairs to the foyer where he last saw his wife, to find her nowhere. The foyer had mysteriously turned into a ravaged condition in the blink of an eye. Cobwebs, dust-covered and run down. He searched the whole house, not able to find her. Now he has lost both his daughter and his wife.

Master Krane constructs a statue honoring Isabelle. He places it in the mausoleum entrance in Ravenhurst Cemetery. He begins to wonder about the machines he has been commissioned to build. Claudia told him multiple times that she did not like what he had to be so secret about, it did not seem right. He had made some breakthroughs with the telepathy but thought nothing malevolent about it. Until now. He recalls hearing noises the night Isabelle disappeared. He was haunted by voices, apparitions, and thoughts that were unexplainable. Now his mission turns to find his family. He constructs multiple machines to try to communicate with what he now believes is the dead. What he did not realize, was the massive gate he was opening.

By now, Ravenhurst Manor has become an urban legend. Many have wandered on to the property, never to be seen again. People say they hear and sometimes even see Master Krane in the windows of the old mansion and wandering around the cemetery looking for his lost wife and daughter. Especially by Isabelle’s statue in the cemetery. Other sounds and sights are said to be seen here. It is said that because of the gate he opened, the estate of Ravenhurst Manor has been flooded with spirits of both good and evil, and now a never-ending battle is in motion. Good and evil battling for eternity, while Master Krane is trapped, trying desperately to find his family.

Most do not have the “spirit” to enter. A couple of times a year, Ravenhurst Manor opens its doors and welcomes those who think they are brave enough to enter. It is a dare beyond a game. For many mortals have accepted the invitation, never to return. The souls, demons, and spirits of Ravenhurst Manor are waiting for you.

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